Telecom Showcase

Jan 03

Three Compelling Use Cases of IoT for Telecom

By Shyam Purkayastha | Telecom

Given all the hype and marketing push around IoT, it is tough to predict how exactly the business models will evolve over the next few years. This is one of the main concerns for industry practitioners. They usually ponder about implementing IoT and end up asking one question, “How can I use IoT in my industry?”. The common approach used to find answers to this question is to look at existing solutions. On one end of the spectrum, we have B2C solutions which are “good to have” ideas but do not solve a real pain. But on the other end, we see a few B2B trends around specific industries where IoT can play a pivotal role. The telecom sector is one such vertical and deploying IoT for telecom opens up a few interesting opportunities.