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Mar 18

Machine Learning Use Case: Facial Recognition Using Amazon Rekognition

By Shreya Beloor | Machine Learning

Amazon Rekognition is a service offered by Amazon Web Services that makes it easy to add powerful visual analysis capabilities to your applications. It is a deep learning powered, image & video recognition engine that detects faces, objects, and scenes. It also possesses intelligent capabilities such as extracting text, recognizing celebrities and identifying inappropriate content […]

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Dec 18

Blockchain as the Newest RegTech Application – An Opportunity to Reduce Financial Institutions’ Burden of KYC

By Shyam Purkayastha | Blockchain

Regulatory challenges have often caused unnecessary inconvenience and delays within the financial services industry across the world. Compliances issues affect every financial service today, and many businesses have often paid enormous amounts in terms of fines, legal fees, and loss of business. The need for compliance and stringent regulations are necessary, especially in a world […]

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Dec 10

No Worries About Diamond Tracing With This New Revolutionary Technology

By Vageesh P B | Blockchain

Tracing of high-value, priced items is turning out to be one of the most sought after use cases of blockchain technology.  There is always a doubt around precious objects like gems, diamonds, and rare metals about their authenticity and quality. Concerns surround counterfeit jewelry and false claims on quality. As a consumer, you would want […]

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