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Cloud Computing is an umbrella term referring to a plethora of technological advancements around distributed computing over the Internet. With humble beginnings around email hosting and early SaaS based services, cloud computing has metamorphized into a full blown set of offerings around platforms, infrastructure and as-a-Service offerings.

From an end user perspective, cloud computing offers ease of working and operating applications on a web browser without the need for downloading and installing a software on their computers. Everything from computing, storage, processing and presentation, cloud takes care of the application business logic whihc is powered by a bunch of computers located on the Internet. The world "cloud" is symbolic to the standard cloud shaped representation of a complex interconnection between computers in a network diagram. The users do not need to know about the computers as long as they can access the service via the web. Thus cloud computing abstracts away the technical configuration and networking setup of the computers in the form of a web address, which is either an URI or an API.

From a developer's point of view, cloud computing offers a lot of flexibility in choosing the various core infrastructure resources for building an app, such as computing, storage and networking. These resources can be bundled as custom platforms, or configured as bare bone infrastructure, sitting somewhere on the Internet to power the applications. Developers also have the option of scaling up and down to meet their application workloads. As a result cloud computing offers an elastic environment to build and deploy applications instantly.  

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Cloud Computing Domains


CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) is revolutionizing the next generation of voice, video and realtime communication use cases over the web.

APIs & API Management

APIs are becoming the backbone of all interactions on the web and managing them is the key to a every successful platform on the Internet

Realtime Data Streaming

Web was originally a uni-directional request-response system. Realtime data streaming adds bi-directional capabilities to enable many exciting use cases

Media Streaming

Cloud hosted media streaming platforms offer smarter ways to manage and scale realtime media streaming and broadcasting applications

Digital Asset Management

From regular files, to media and large backups, cloud computing is increasingly being leveraged to store, retrieve and manage digital artifacts 

Serverless Computing

At first, there were servers and then they vanished into the cloud, only to appear as serverless, disrupting the way developers build applications

Edge Computing

Edge computing offers a reliable folly to cloud hosted applications in streamlining and expediting certain operations, thereby adding value in unique ways   

Everything As a Service

With cloud, any software product can be deployed online and offered as service model, heralding a true 'as-a-service' era for next generation applications 


With the microservices architectural pattern, a system can be split into very small components each having a discrete identity and role

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