Latest Cloud Security Use Cases

North Korean hackers recently employed a technique called “typosquatting” to trick developers who misspelled a popular package name into downloading a Trojan program onto their Read More

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps have become essential to how most of us run our organizations and stay productive — especially over the last two years. On Read More

Phishing, despite its somewhat innocuous name, remains one of the foremost security threats facing businesses today. Improved awareness by the public and controls such as Read More

The healthcare industry is seeing a rapid rate of digitization. The pressure is on existing health services for digital transformation. Also, new players are grabbing Read More

When you set up a new account, you are often asked to create a password and choose a security question and answer (e.g., What is Read More

This article discusses the use of cluster mesh to ensure Kubernetes network security. Thanks to services provided by AWS, GCP, and Azure it’s become relatively Read More

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