The vast amount of data generated daily across society is widely considered as a game-changer for research, technological innovation, and even policy making. Big data has already started helping organizations to improve their bottom lines, gain agility, spot meaningful innovations, and transform businesses. In this article we shall delve deep into the arenas where generating data stories has decisively shaped the outcome of global economic, social and political aspects of the modern world.

This article was originally published by Narrativa.

Narrativa has some inspiring news to share! We have retooled our company slogan so that it epitomizes our international vision and goals for years to come! We’d love to explain why we felt this change was necessary, so… drumroll please… Our new ambitious company slogan is: Powering the data stories that transform our world

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”-Margaret Mead

Data is the new oil

The way and the purposes for which we use data at the company level directly impact entire industries and can cause substantial societal changes. As the individuals who make up Narrativa, we figure if A = B and B = C, then A must also be equal C. We can and do have a responsibility to transform the world around us in a positive and meaningful way. (There’s a reason that formula is known as the Transformative Property!)

Furthermore, we have recently seen a very clear example about the impact data has in today’s world: the first alert we had about the coronavirus pandemic actually came  from an artificial intelligence company! Toronto-based BlueDot developed an algorithm that searches thousands of air traffic news and data points to detect infectious diseases.

The company sounded the alarm on December 31, 2019, before the authorities officially did so. And well, the rest of this unfortunate story is now history. This shows that data, although it may be abstract, is critical to progress.

Understanding data

We have more and more data around us, and it’s getting harder to take advantage of data-based decision making due to analysis paralysis. We figure the best way for humans to understand data is to put it in a format that our species has been utilizing for thousands of years—stories, not excel tables!

We love stories; from our earliest childhood memories to entertaining our families and friends, we both listen to and tell stories as a way to better communicate and convey our emotions. At Narrativa we are experts at this. We create narratives (hence, our name) using AI that bring clarity to data.We love stories; from our earliest childhood memories to entertaining our families and friends

Our team of highly skilled developers, engineers, linguists and other professionals can help you understand what stories your own company’s data tells. In addition, we can help you tell stories to your customers and clients as well. You can read up on us more using this link.

International vision

Narrativa has both a client and an employee presence in several countries including but not limited to the United States, Spain, Estonia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Our global vision means that we place a high value on the creation of content in any language, regardless of the number of speakers. We service handfuls of different industries and sectors with data-driven content like reporting (both internal and external), articles and even videos for clients who need regulatory compliance, news, entertainment, e-commerce and business intelligence solutions. As long as we have the data, we can create the story!

This may all sound very abstract to you, so let us offer up some concrete examples that can help better illustrate the concept:

  • Phone House has thousands of phones in its catalog. Each phone has its own data and characteristics, but we of course can’t just give the information to customers in an Excel table. We quickly and accurately created more than 3,000 descriptions that simply and concisely convey the details of each product using AI.

We created more than 3,000 descriptions

We created more than 3,000 descriptions

  •, the world’s most trusted bitcoin gaming brand, wanted to provide its users with as much information as possible before they place bets. It wasn’t enough to just offer them a huge amount of data; it needed to be presented in a refined manner and tell a compelling story. We serviced deliverables in the form of articles that helped the company achieve its goals.
  • Our coronavirus monitoring project seeks to bring clarity to the world with the most relevant data about the pandemic presented in a narrative format including easy-to-understand graphics.

We want to power the data stories that transform your company!

In 2020 alone, we generated more than 8 million narratives and our artificial intelligence suite knows no limits when it comes to creating stories. We want to power the data stories that transform your company so we can impact the world together!

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