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You have built your tech writing skills to become an accomplished 

Technical Writer

Now it's time to accelerate your technology writing career

Launching Our Flagship Technology Writing Course 

Crash Course on

Technology Writing

Three week program with live sessions on the first week followed by two weeks of mentoring.

  1. 1
    Transition your mindset from Technical to Technology Writer
  2. 2
    Learn to express Complex Technology Subject Matter in Simple Fashion
  3. 3
    Build your writing Portfolio with Three Original Technology Blog Posts

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(Planned for mid of next quarter, during April / May 2024)

Masterclass on

Technology Writing

Ten week workshop with weekend live sessions and weekly goals and brain gym exercises.


Our Philosophy

Three approaches to unravel the transformed technology writer within you

Think Beyond Docs and Manuals & Diversify Your Writing

Upskilling in technology writing can significantly broaden your career prospects. As a technical writer, your career ladder is limited to writing, editing and managerial roles around product documentation, manuals, and user guides.

Technology writing opens the doors to a diverse range of writing opportunities across various functions, like marketing, branding, software development, market research, innovation and more.

Write With Authority & Position Yourself as a Technology Thought Leader

Becoming a technology thought leader is more than just mastering technical skills. It's about consistently demonstrating expertise, innovation, and influence in your field.

This course is your stepping stone to build thought-provoking, research driven and authoritative content for the world to take note of your prowess, and recognize you as a future technology thought leader.

Transcend Traditional Copywriting Techniques to Unveil Your Own Style

An accomplished technology writer possesses a diverse portfolio across varied writing styles depicting different types of technical articles, including tutorials, insights, technical guides, market research papers, and deep technical stories.  

By the end of this course, you will gain access to various frameworks and methodologies to craft many such writing formats and blend them with different technical domains.

Our Methodology

Six stages to technology writing excellence that will transform your ability to convert complex concepts into compelling stories of technical innovation and business impact.


technical subject matter with clarity.

Learn to convey technical concepts, processes, and procedures through clear and concise description to enhance reader understanding and build trust.


copywriting into your technical writing.

Transform complex information into engaging content by infusing compelling calls-to-action, situational storytelling, and persuasiveness.


on the reader experience (RX) and persona.

Focus on retaining the readers through a combination of strategies that create a positive perception, and respects for the their time and attention.


frameworks for simplifying complexity.

Discover new frameworks for translating technological complexity into clear and crisp writing, through a modular and layered approach.


structural techniques for content outreach.

Incorporate the concepts of content structuring for SEO and content consumption for better searchability and reception of your technical articles.


tech narratives with creative writing.

Build your unique voice and style to craft PR worthy technology discourses that stand out from the crowd.

Three masterly gems to enhance your skills through a continuous feedback loop and improvement cycle

Exercise Workbooks

Exercise workbooks to help you practice every skill level and progressively build your technology writing prowess to the highest level

Mentoring Sessions

Regular mentoring sessions with course instructor, and group discussions to share ideas covering all aspects of technology writing

Objective Assessments

Detailed objective assessment to provide you with a 360 degree feedback and improvement areas on all course modules

Unlock the Three Achievement Levels to Secure Your Future Success as an Accomplished Technology Writer


Embark on the path to becoming a respected technology writer and secure your certification to propel your career to new heights

Personalized Portfolio

Craft a writing portfolio through hands-on exercises and assignments during the course, to establish your standout personal brand

Paid Writing Engagements

Leverage your passion for technology writing to secure paid engagement and build a passive income stream


Why Should I Take This Course?

If you have been a technical writer for a few years and are willing to take up more challenging writing assignments to improve your career prospects, then this course is for you. It will help you take the leap from a technical writer to a technology writer by channeling your existing technical and writing skills.

Even if you are not into tech writing career, yet you are passionate about technology or maintain a personal tech blog, this course should guide you to bring out a professional technology writing approach to your portfolio, and help build a solid online reputation.

How Much Time I Have To Commit for this Course?

The crash course (shorter version of the course) is a 3 week program, with 1 week of active engagement (1 to 2 hours of live sessions for 5 days), followed by 2 weeks of passive engagement (on demand mentoring sessions, to achieve the end goal). Approximately, 20-25 hours of commitment is required over the course of 3 weeks to accomplish all the goals of the course.  

The workshop (longer version of the course) is still under planing stage and more details will be revealed at a later date.

What If I Am Not a Technical Writer?

Welcome to the club!

Many tech professionals have an innate desire to write but are stuck in their day to day rut and cannot find time to sort their thoughts to write. We understand your pain. As long as you have a good grasp of certain technical concepts, are curious, and have a decent command over the English language, you can find your writing chops and build your own personal brand. We will support you in every step on the way to translate your wish into reality.

I am not an expert in any technology domain. Can I still Enroll?

Of course! This course does not expect you to be an technology expert. However a basic knowledge of information and communication technology related domains is required.  That is our target subject matter for this course and you can refer to our blog to check out a lot of published content in this space. So you do not have to worry about lack of expertise, as long as you possess a keen interest on technology and curiosity to explore technical subject matter.

What Kind of Opportunities Can I Expect After Completing This Course?

This course will change your outlook towards how you write and convey your point of view about technology and related topics. This should enable you to seek more challenging gigs involving deeper and long form tech content, such as through leadership pieces, whitepapers, and various forms of editorial and research content.

Those of you who meet the minimum scores in assignments will also be eligible for being part of our expert talent network and will get opportunities to write through our partners and customers.

What Recognition Can I Expect Upon Completing The Course?

We offer

1. A course completion certificate to all participants who fulfill the minimum criteria of attempting all the module exercises. 

2. Mentoring support to build your personal technology writing portfolio.

3. Inclusion in our tech writing talent network for paid writing engagements, subjected to your overall performance in the meeting the end goals of the course.

How Do I Enroll for This Course and What is the Course Fee?

To express your interest in our course cohort, please fill out the Google Forms provided at the end of this page. We will keep you updated and will be announcing our cohort schedule soon, which you will also get as an email notifications.

The cohort announcement will have further details about the on boarding process, offers and other terms and conditions.

Shyam Purkayastha - Course Instructur

Shyam Purkayastha

About the Instructor

Shyam is a technology expert and seasoned tech writer with over two decades of industry experience, bringing in a wealth of knowledge and expertise across a wide spectrum of emerging tech domains. Shyam has worked on cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and has worked with over 50 B2B Tech companies in shaping up their content roadmap for editorial technology content.