Next Generation Networks Use Cases.


What is Next Generation Networking?

A Next Generation Networking represents a combination of cutting edge technologies and modern telecommunications infrastructure to deliver a wide range of integrated services, including voice, data, and video. Next generation networks represent an evolution from the traditional technologies involved in network routing, wireless coverage, switching fabric, last mile connectivity, and network security to a more advanced, converged communication service, delivered over a unified network infrastructure.      

Top Next Generation Networking Technology Domains

Networking Technologies

Networking technologies represent a combination of various hardware, software, protocols, and standards used to establish, manage, and maintain communication and data exchange between devices and systems within a network. These technologies form the backbone of Internet and cloud based communication enabling devices, such as computers, servers, smartphones, and IoT devices, to connect, share resources, and access information.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks rely on the air spectrum to deliver communication services. Wi-Fi, and cellular wireless systems and satellite communication are the main types of wireless networks that provide indoor, outdoor and global network coverage. Through an integrated approach, it is also possible to combine these wireless technologies to create hybrid or converged wireless networks that leverages the strengths of each technology to provide enhanced coverage, reliability, and flexibility for a wide range of applications and use cases.

Network Security

Network security refers to the measures and practices implemented to protect a computer network and its resources from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or disruption. Key aspects of network security include access control, intrusion detection and prevention, security policies and procedures, network segmentation, security monitoring and logging. 

Network Elements

A network element refers to a discrete hardware or software based device or equipment within a communication network that performs specific functions. Network elements play a crucial role in the operation and functionality of computer and telecom networks, providing the intelligence and capabilities necessary for data transmission, routing, processing, administration and management.

Network Management

Network management is process of administering, monitoring, and controlling computer and communication networks to ensure their efficient operation, performance, security, and availability. Network management encompasses a range of activities, tools, and techniques aimed at managing network resources, optimizing network performance, and addressing issues or challenges that arise within the network infrastructure. Some key aspects of network management include configuration, performance, fault and security management, as well as capacity planning, assets and inventory management.

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Some of the top use cases of next generation networks include 5G, SDN and Secure Network Architecture

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