Challenging Every Form Of Status-Quo
Art & Technology

Radiostudio is a technology innovation studio specialized in conceptualizing tech enabled ideas, use cases and solutions using emerging technologies.  

What We ​Do

  • Innovation Consulting Around Emerging Technologies 
  • Technology Content For Tech-Enabled Products Tools & Solutions
  • Idea Prototyping For Conceptualizing A New Product


To challenge every form of status-quo through art & technology and become a world leader in Content-led Innovation Consulting by bringing in a blend of actionable content with curated knowledge-base to showcase new and emerging trends in internet, information & communication technologies such that the world witnesses the true potential of emerging technologies & realize the novelty they bring to the humankind.


  1. 1
    To help tech product companies execute an All-round Technology Content Strategy that builds a positive brand perception and fuels the engine of growth through our unique methodology that puts content at the center of organizational productivity.
  2. 2
    To help customers Meander the Complex Maze of Technology Disruption and come up with meaningful solutions by following a use case centric approach to problem-solving & research

Our Journey

Our Journey
RadioStudio started of in 2015. Since the beginning, we have been on a roller coaster ride, meandering through the maze of various emerging technologies, tools & platforms. What started as a small blog piece to build and showcase a demo application, later morphed into a full service emerging technology consulting firm helping customers with:
  • Technical blogs for Product  / Technology / Platform Showcase
  • Building Proof-of-Concepts and Prototypes
  • Technical / Technology Market Research

Core Team

Shyam Purkayastha

Founder , Creator-in-Chief

Gopinath Sheregar

Business & Community Development

Vikram Sharma

SEO Consultant

Gopal Amlekar

Hardware & Embedded Systems Expert

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