Challenging Every Form Of Status-Quo
Art & Technology

Radiostudio is an award winning company based out of Bangalore, India.  Our overarching goal is to conceptualize tech enabled use cases to improve the adoption of emerging technologies that solve some of the critical business problems of tomorrow.  

What We Do

  • Innovation consulting around emerging technologies 
  • Technology content marketing and promotion for tech-enabled products, tools, platforms & solutions
  • Advisory for design & implementation of tech stack
  • Realization of custom use cases


To challenge every form of status-quo through art & technology and become a world leader in

Content-led Innovation Consulting

by bringing in a blend of actionable content with curated knowledge-base to showcase new and emerging trends in internet, information & communication technologies such that the world witnesses their true potential.


  1. 1
    To help tech product companies execute an All-round Technology Content Strategy  that builds a positive brand perception and fuels the engine of growth through our unique methodology that puts content at the center of organizational productivity
  2. 2
    To help customers meander the complex maze of technology disruption and come up with meaningful solutions by following a Use case Centric Approach to Problem-solving.

Our Journey

Our Journey
RadioStudio started of in 2015. Since the beginning, we have been on a roller coaster ride, meandering through the maze of various technology trends & development. What started as a small blog to showcase a demo application, later morphed into a full service tech agency helping customers with:
  • Technical Content Marketing
  • Tech PR
  • Technology Advisory & Research

Core Team

Shyam Purkayastha

Founder , Creator-in-Chief

Gopinath Sheregar

Business & Community Development

Gopal Amlekar

Hardware & Embedded Systems Expert

Anwesa Roy

AI Research Analyst

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