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An effective content base not only serves the external customers but also compliments the internal teams to build competence and maintain processes.

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Internet Of Things

Information systems have evolved so much over the last few decades that it is now hard to imagine only a human centric system anymore. More and more machines are getting added to the eco-system and automation and sensor data gathering is the trend now. Internet of Things is the generic term that defines this evolution and it is a very exciting space to be in, with a lots of opportunities and even more challenges.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has given a new direction to building information systems. New innovations have led to newer deployment and business models. Along the way, traditional ways to designing and architect systems have been challenged right from the center of cloud all the way till the edge.  The continuum of innovation around the cloud based as-as-Service model has now extended to cover all things connected and we are not done yet.

Machine Learning

Once upon a time there was a saying: "The computer is only as smart as its programmer". Now we say, "Teach a computer how to fish and one day it will learn to recognize you as fish". Computing has come a long way, and what we know today as machine learning is just a tip of the iceberg, in this era of cognitive computing. The excitement around this game changing technology is growing by leaps and bounds and computers are developing cognitive abilities akin to humans. 

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