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Our technology content offering spares you all the hassles of producing technical content so that you focus on building an amazing product while we craft niche and tailored technical content for evangelizing your product

Our technology content offering spares you all the hassles of managing technical content creation so that you focus on building an amazing product while we craft niche and tailored technical content for evangelizing your product

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Start a technology content program with us and scale up your technical content production to serve your business goals & technology road map 

Technical Content Marketing

Technology Content Program

A Dedicated Team of Technology Experts, Writers & Programmers To Create Focused Technical Content Around Your Products & Services 


Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Content that guides CXOs and decision makers to invest in right technology for fulfilling their use cases

Demos, Tutorials, HowTos

Tutorials & How-Tos

Technical blogs to educate your potential customers & developer communities via an hands-on approach.


Demos & Proof-of-Concept

Deep technical content demonstrating a use case through a combination of tools, tech themes and a industry domains . 


Technology Research

Case studies, techno-market research and tech viability research for tools, platforms and applications built around emerging technologies 



Cloud Applications




Intelligent Networks


Machine Learning


Web 3.0

internet of things

Internet of Things

Build You Content Base That Addresses The HOW & WHY Behind Your Tech, Instead of Just WHAT Your Product Does

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Your Customized Tech Content Roadmap

Submit your details and we will build a customized technology content roadmap for you along with a pilot offer to try our service

Establish Your Technical Content Strategy Within Hours Instead of Days

You envisage your product to be used in a certain way. We build a content marketing strategy which showcases your product in its full glory through various industry use cases 

Our Engagement Model

Get the right combination of technology awareness, digital marketing expertise & content production processes to create a winning formula for your technical content marketing needs.

Engagement Model

In-House Expertise 

From content strategy to final publishing, our in-house technology experts work with your marketing and engineering teams to manage the entire technical content production.

Optimized Processes

We set up a dedicated panel of writers, programmers and designers for you and guide them on a day to day basis through an optimized content creation process

Content Promotion

Promotional Support

Our digital marketing expertise ensure that every piece of published content gets the maximum leverage through all the relevant promotional channels.

Start a trial engagement with us and experience your tech content delivering more punch to meet your marketing and developer engagement goals

Build Your Dedicated Technical Writers Team Within Days Instead of Weeks

Instead of you scouting for resources, we setup an expert panel and streamline your technical content process within days

Our Process

Two teams to manage and execute all your technical content production work at scale

Program Team

In-house program team, comprising of technology generalists and digital marketing experts to onboard and ramp up as per your product specifications and features, along with managing the overall content production 

Technology Content Program Team

Execution Team

A panel of technical writers, programmers and technology specialists handpicked and contracted from the best available sources, to create technical content on an on-going basis.

Execution Team


A tightly controlled process to deliver the best-in-class technical content on a regular basis

Content Strategy

Content Strategy



Outline and Design

Outline & Design

Writing and Building

Writing & Building





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Get to Publish Mode Within Weeks Instead of Months

Instead of you waiting to hire the right technical writing talent to kick start your tech marketing campaigns, we help you launch your content campaign within weeks

Our Value Proposition 

Nobody can mash-up deep technology, storytelling, software programming and content creation like we do



exclusive pieces of content authored around a select few emerging  technology domains


Technical content is a diverse mashup of programming languages, tools, libraries, frameworks & platforms. Our's is the most diverse technical content portfolio that you can find anywhere on the Internet.



Different tools, libraries, SDKs & platforms used in building technical content around


Building deep technical content is more about domain knowledge than writing. Our in-house expert team brings in an unified experience around emerging technologies to deliver the most creative and thought provoking content.

We are a technology company first and then a content marketing/PR agency


Content marketers don't understand tech and engineers suck at marketing. Our combined experience in technology, digital marketing and technology content creation bridges the gap in a unique way such that both can benefit.

Our award winning expert team has delivered some of the most viral deep tech content for enterprises


A full time technical writer with deep technology expertise & diverse skill-sets is an expensive hire. Our pricing model ensures that you get the best brains to run the show at cost which is comparable to the cost of hiring a single, full time technical writer.

We help you unearth more insights about your product's usability, customer feedback and developer experience through our value added services.

Enliven Your Blog Feed With Diverse & In-depth Technical Content

Do not hire multiple in-house technical writers for different skills around programming languages, libraries, tools & platforms. We manage it all for you at a budget suitable for your needs. 

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Witness The Most Bleeding Edge Technical Content In Emerging Technology Innovation Around Information & Communication Technology

Internet Of Things

Information systems have evolved so much over the last few decades that it is now hard to imagine only a human centric system anymore. More and more machines are getting added to the eco-system and automation and sensor data gathering is the trend now. Internet of Things is the generic term that defines this evolution and it is a very exciting space to be in, with a lots of opportunities and even more challenges.

Latest Posts

Cloud Computing

Latest Posts

Cloud computing has given a new direction to building information systems. New innovations have led to newer deployment and business models. Along the way, traditional ways to designing and architect systems have been challenged right from the center of cloud all the way till the edge.  The continuum of innovation around the cloud based as-as-Service model has now extended to cover all things connected and we are not done yet.

Machine Learning

Once upon a time there was a saying: "The computer is only as smart as its programmer". Now we say, "Teach a computer how to fish and one day it will learn to recognize you as fish". Computing has come a long way, and what we know today as machine learning is just a tip of the iceberg, in this era of cognitive computing. The excitement around this game changing technology is growing by leaps and bounds and computers are developing cognitive abilities akin to humans. 

Latest Posts

Our Technology Content Program Adds Incremental Value to Your Business In The Form Of Full Stack Technology Digital Marketing Offering

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Technology PR

Tech PR

Content Promotion

Content Asset Monetization


Content Analytics

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Developer Relations

You work hard to make sure that your product is developer friendly. We back you with top-notch content that helps you engage with developers on an ongoing basis

Content Creation

You want to enhance your technology influence. We support you with superior technical thought leadership content that will set you apart from your competition

Community Building

You want to build a highly engaging community around the technologies that you use. We make sure that you always have a repository of original content that  your community can rely upon

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