Technology Glossary Term

Observability in the context of cloud computing and cloud operations refers to the ability to understand, analyze, and manage the behavior and performance of cloud-based systems and applications. It encompasses the collection, analysis, and visualization of telemetry data from various sources within the cloud infrastructure, enabling operators and developers to gain insights into the health, reliability, and efficiency of their cloud environments.

The key categories of the observability’s telemetry data are:

Metrics: Gathring metric data from application and cloud resources to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and service-level objectives (SLOs).

Events: Capturing system and application events to get actionable insights into the behavior and performance of systems and applications.

Logging: Logging internal state of the application to collect evidence for troubleshooting issues in real-time

Traces: Capturing the traces of application runtime flow to understand the interactions between different components, services and with third-party interfaces.