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Our Services

Technology Prototyping Studio Focussing on Bringing out Radical Innovations Around Emerging Trends in the Information and Communication Technologies

Technology Evangelism

Technology Evangelism

We bring out the novelty of a tech enabled product through targeted growth hacking, awesome content and state of the art demo applications.

App Prototyping

Application Prototyping

We build prototypes around emerging technology domains to conceptualize products and solutions with an eye into the future

Digital Experiences

Digital Experiences

We build digital experiences by mashing up data, concepts and technology that transcend foresight and manifest ideas into reality

Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Equivalent to Magic

- Auther C Clarke

We Enable the FIRST STEP Towards Creating that MAGIC

Our Expertize

Nurturing an Idea from Brainstorming, Conceptualizing and Building, all the way to Training, Promotion and Research

  • Technology Evangelism
  • Application Prototyping
  • Digital Experiences
  • Technical Content Creation for Blogs and Documentation
  • Ideation and Execution of Bleeding Edge Technical Demos for Product/Technology Showcases
  • Developer/Industry Outreaches Programs through Meetups, Webinars, Events
  • Technology Content Strategy Consulting
  • Content Syndication and Partnerships
  • Technology Market Research
  • Training & Mentoring
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Digital Experiences

Our Showcase

Check out our Multi-niche Technology Showcase Covering Ideas, Tutorials, Demos, DIY Guides and Application Showcases in the Emerging Technology Landscape