Dec 12

Voice Controlled Home Automation using Alexa – Part 1

By Surya Igor | Cloud Computing , Internet of Things

Ever imagined building a hands-free speaker that you can control with your voice. Wouldn’t it be even better if we could also control home appliances this way? In this blog series, let’s see how to build a voice controlled home automation system using Amazon Alexa and Raspberry Pi. I will show you how we can use Raspberry Pi to run the Alexa Voice Service and control a Light Bulb.

Dec 02

Setting up Linkit One with Eclipse IDE

By Surya Igor | Internet of Things

For kickstarting any IoT project, the basic requirement is a full featured development kit and a development environment. Linkit One is one of the open source high performance prototyping HDK (Hardware Development Kit) from Mediatek which has rich peripherals and interfaces like WIFI, BLE, GPS, GSM etc., in a single board which enables developers to prototype and build Wearable/IOT Devices without any external hardware dependency.

Nov 29

Sensing Analog Signal using Raspberry Pi

By Surya Igor | Internet of Things

Almost all the data captured from real world is in analog form. Analog sensors play an important role in sensing such parameters, be it the temperature of the room or vibrations produced by machines. In this post, we are going to create a small project to show you how to capture analog signal from Raspberry Pi 3 and visualize it for further analysis.

Oct 25

Smart Highway Toll Collection System

By Shyam Purkayastha | Internet of Things

Vehicles queuing up to pay toll tax at a highway toll gate is a common sight. The toll collection system mostly works on a manual process and can take up to a minute to process each vehicle’s transaction. This has a cumulative effect of increasing traffic congestion, adding delays in travel time and also becoming a pollution hotspot near the toll gate area. Imagine yourself in a car, stuck in one of those long queues. All that you can do is to sit patient till you get past the toll gate.

Oct 17

How To Build a Power Supply For Portable IoT Devices

By Surya Igor | Internet of Things

Efficient and durable power supply is the backbone of any IoT Product. For a wearable or self-powered wireless device, power consumption and battery life are a big concern. In the coming years, with billions of “things” about to be connected to the Internet, power conservation is going to be a critical factor in deciding the economic feasibility of any IoT deployment. Apart from battery-powered devices, this is equally applicable for IoT gateways which run on 24/7 mains supply. In this post, we will discuss the essential design features needed to meet the requirements of an efficient power supply. Based on my experience of developing a power supply unit for a portable BLE IoT endpoint, I have also presented a prototype reference design of a battery charging circuit for standalone IoT devices.

Jul 26

Introducing RadioStudio

By admin | RadioStudio

RadioStudio is a consultancy based out of Bangalore, India, specializing in providing technology consulting services to companies and startups in some of the emerging trends and technological domains such as cloud computing, Internet of things(IoT), open web, data analytics, telecommunications and machine learning. We are a team of passionate engineers constantly mashing up many different technologies in creative ways to bring forth radical innovations which challenge the status-quo.


We specialize in technology evangelism, custom application development, and digital experiences.


Technology Evangelism : Tech companies and startups around the world are building products and services which are highly customizable through programmable interfaces. They target the developer and technical community to use their tools, APIs, SDKs and HDKs to build solutions and realize the end customer’s use cases using these programmable interfaces. We specialize in technology evangelism and providing developer evangelism services to companies to help them reach their target developer community by means of impactful content and effective content promotion.

Custom Applications : We specialize in building PoCs, and prototypes for software and hardware based solutions for helping customers realize their end-user use cases.

Digital Experiences: We help companies build models for their ideas and data-centric applications for harnessing the data generated by their business and operational process and even data mashup using third party data sources. We build web-based, HTML5 compliant portal applications for hosting data dashboards, visualizations, and data-driven custom experiences.

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