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Sep 12

Three Ways of Achieving Rapid Application Development in IoT

By Shyam Purkayastha | Internet of Things

Applications around IoT are growing at rapid pace with new and innovative use cases being conceived every year. However, one of the challenges for companies working on IoT is to reduce the cost and effort of building an IoT hardware prototype. IoT product development poses many complexities due to its interdisciplinary engineering aspects, which is […]

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Aug 28

IoT Testing Tools & Methodologies for Building Resilient IoT Platforms

By Shyam Purkayastha | Internet of Things

​​Despite the attention that IoT has garnered over the past years, the mass adoption remains challenging. IoT is an interdisciplinary domain and requires more thorough design process than a traditional IT system. Diversity in applications, lack of standardized framework and security concerns add a layer of complexity over IoT which makes testing and validation process […]

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