RadioStudio is a consultancy based out of Bangalore, India, specializing in providing technology consulting services to companies and startups in some of the emerging trends and technological domains such as cloud computing, Internet of things(IoT), Open Web, Data Analytics, Telecommunications, Machine Learning and Blockchain. We are a team of passionate engineers constantly mashing up many different technologies in creative ways to bring forth radical innovations which challenge the status-quo.


We specialize in technology evangelism, custom application development, and digital experiences.


Technology Evangelism: Tech companies and startups around the world are building products and services which are highly customizable through programmable interfaces. They target the developer and technical community to use their tools, APIs, SDKs and HDKs to build solutions and realize the end customer’s use cases using these programmable interfaces. We specialize in technology evangelism and providing developer evangelism services to companies to help them reach their target developer community by means of impactful content and effective content promotion.

Custom Applications: We specialize in building PoCs, and prototypes for software and hardware-based solutions for helping customers realize their end-user use cases.

Digital Experiences: We help companies build models for their ideas and data-centric applications for harnessing the data generated by their business and operational process and even data mashup using third party data sources. We build web-based, HTML5 compliant portal applications for hosting data dashboards, visualizations, and data-driven custom experiences.

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