Latest IoT Communication Use Cases

As remote patient monitoring (RPM) adoption soars, physicians need a solution that seamlessly integrates data from multiple FDA-cleared RPM devices. Tenovi’s cellular-connected devices offer secure Read More

With the technological advancements around sensors and software, it is possible to set up remote patient patient monitoring systems. But it must be backed by Read More

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is poised to transform the healthcare landscape as we know it. Cloud connectivity is at the heart of this transformation, a technology Read More

In Smart Building device management, the critical role of reliable IoT connectivity in enhancing operational efficiency cannot be overstated. Businesses are faced with the limitations Read More

Connectivity-as-a-Service is a managed solution option for IoT deploymentDeployment in software development refers to the process of releasing a software application or system into a production Read More

eSIM is a service that delivers replaceable network access profiles to a SIM card. eSIM gives users the ability to securely download, attach, enable, and Read More

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